Lending Policies

General Policies

Persons who do not return equipment on time, three times, will have their borrowing privileges revoked until the beginning of the next academic year.

  • Equipment may be borrowed for up to 3 days at a time.
  • The equipment must be returned by or before 4:45 PM on the loan return date.
  • Only current Williams Faculty, Staff and Students may borrow equipment.
  • Equipment must be returned ONLY to the ELC office, dropping equipment at any other location will result in immediate loss of borrowing privileges.
  • The person who checked out the equipment assumes financial responsibility for lost or  damaged equipment.
  • See the cable return policy below.
  • All loan requests for over three days (During break for example) are long term loans, and must be sponsored by your professor.  Requests must be  submitted at least four days before the start of the requested loan.
    For more information please Click here: Long term loan information .
  • Violations of the Loan Policy could result in loss of borrowing privileges.
  • ELC Equipment should be formatted before return.

Cable Return Policy

There is a $5.00 fee per cable, for cables returned in a tangled mess, or coated with dirt and sticky materials.
The fine is to be paid in CASH in the ELC office before borrowing again.
They don’t have to be perfect, but please be sure to return them as they were borrowed.
A $10.00 CASH fee applies to PA equipment returned covered in beer, juice, or chalk.
Please note, You are financially responsible for anything smashed.



Cables - Good

They leave the ELC looking like the picture on the right, and that is how we would like to get them back.

They didn’t have beer or mud on them when they left, they should not return that way.

We like to keep cables wrapped up nicely for two reasons. One they look better, and two it extends the serviceable life of the equipment.

Cables that are even mildly kinked, have to be hung up for several days so that they will straighten back out.

A few extra seconds work can save a $25.00 cable.

Like to learn how to coil a cable properly? Watch this Video.


Microphones left outside their cases tend to roll, and end up on the floor looking like the picture below.

Why we keep microphones in their cases